Our Story

The white opal is a rare type of precious stone found in only a few places around the world. It has the unique characteristic of illuminating any color in the spectrum, which changes with the light refraction and angle of observation. Therefore, the opal is a particularly one-of-a-kind gem, as one cannot find two opals with the same pattern of colors. Each of our opals comes from from a small town in Northeastern Brazil called Pedro II, and is the only known location of precious white opals in the Americas. It is also the source where our opals are handcrafted and later shipped to the United States. An important difference of Brazilian opals is they have lower water content (around 5.7%) making them less brittle than those found in other countries, as they are the hardest in the world (hardness between 6.0 and 6.5) and also exhibit a lower heat sensitivity.

Our opals are hand-cut in Brazil by only a single lapidarist who makes the magic happen - Juscelino Araújo. He provides opals for some of the most prominent jewelry designers in Brazil, and it’s now our mission to expand his passion for opals into jewelry art pieces worldwide. For more information about the stones, our ethical sourcing processes, location of extraction or the company in general, we are happy to share studies, references and speak directly with you.